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Patient Information

Important Note for Breastfeeding Mothers

It is important for breastfeeding mothers to NOT take any NSAIDs such as Ibuprofen, Indocid or Voltaren for 2 days before and a  week after the circumcision.  Also no  Asprin at all before and after the circumcision. These can enter the breast milk and be transferred to the baby and may potentially cause problems with bleeding during or after the procedure.  Clexane is OK for the mother, as the molecule does not enter the breast milk.


One of most common reasons for delaying a circumcision is Jaundice.  A high level of jaundice can be a medical emergency requiring ultraviolet light therapy to avoid brain damage.  A moderate level of jaundice can dictate a deferral of the circumcision.  Therefore if the baby has any jaundice (is yellow at all) please arrange a Serum Bilirubin heel prick blood test or a measurement of the bilirubin level by a light meter on the baby’s forehead called a TCB (Trans Cutaneous Bilirubin). Please record  the actual numerical results as they come to hand.


The minimum weight for circumcision is 2.8kg. Please be in contact soon after the birth to arrange the safest timing.

Items to Obtain from the Chemist:

  • Disposable nappies (to be used for at least a few days after the circumcision)

  • Newborn size dummy x2

  • Infant Panadol/Tempra drops (l00 mg/ml) – bottle will say 1 month-2 years (it is OK to use)

  • Betadine ointment 65 gram  

  • Lucas’ paw-paw ointment in a tube

  • Medipulv Powder

  • Topical anaesthesia (EMLA) 5 gram tube (available over the counter)